Our Custom Software Portfolio


Examneeds is a comprehensive examination software for conducting online and offline Exam. It provides best in class features to conduct tests easily for assessments and candidate selection process giving effective analytical reports. The user can create their own question bank and can use it for generating questions for quizzes. Individual reports can be downloaded.



ORMS has been designed to be your personal tutor, illustrating and illuminating key concepts in an interactive manner that can not be duplicated on a printed page. It also should save you considerable time on your homework by enabling you to focus on concepts while the computer does the number crunching. Enjoy this modern approach to learn Operations Research!



Web scraping is a technique for gathering data or information on web pages. A scraper is a script that parses an html site. Scraper allows you to gather data from websites such as Amazon, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and Rottentomatoes. The information scraper from these websites can be used for futher analysis based on the user requirement.