10 Reasons Every Professional should know basics of HTML/CSS

Why we need to learn HTML

Regardless of what your profession is, HTML and CSS are great skills to have. HTML and CSS are the foundational languages of the web. HTML is a markup language that is used for developing web pages. CSS is a language that defines the presentation of a document written in HTML or in simple words it is the styling part of HTML.

The following are a few reasons to consider why you want to know about HTML/CSS.

1. Better Understand the Web

Knowing the basics of HTML and CSS and how they're used to create web pages is a skill that will always be useful. They’re helpful tools for designers, academicians, photographers, freelancers, marketing specialists, and many other professionals. Today almost everyone have a webpage where they can showcase themselves.

2. Create Websites

Nowadays, it's quite easy to take a free Web template and build a website. There are lot of tools like Wordpress, Drupal and many other CMS. But you won't get a unique feel since your website looks like everyone else. With the basic knowledge of HTML/CSS, you can create your own website with your personal touch and thereby reducing the cost of website design which is the major cost when building a website.

3. Create an Academic Website

If you are an Academican then having a website creates a lot of advantages. You could post your course materials, instructions for students, get feedback, conduct online test, etc. There are a lot of academicians who have their own website and publish content to help the entire student community.

4. Build a Professional Resume Site

Go beyond just a Word file and show some initiative by coding your own online resume from start to finish. It may sound difficult, but it’s actually to create a simple but great-looking site with basic HTML and CSS. There are lot of free templates available over the internet which you can download and edit according to your need.

5. Design a Custom Email for Your Customers

Email is one of the best online marketing tools out there. And you can make an email that your customers will actually look forward to getting by organizing and styling it using the HTML and CSS editors available with most email marketing services. You can use services like mailchimp and customise your email template using HTML/CSS.

6. Tweak Your Company’s WordPress site

Most of the corporate websites are built on WordPress. This means that you could use your HTML/CSS skills to tweak the website according to your need and can add custom components in the website. When you know how to edit the contents of the website, it means that there is no need to wait for someone around you to complete the work.

7. Take Your Design Skills to the Next Level

If you are good in designing, then you can use your photoshop skills to build your own awesome website using HTML/CSS. You could build almost anything using HTML/CSS. You can build your own customised design which would suit your requirements.

8. Find a way to Market Yourself

Having a website makes you the create a digital presence. You can build a website which would suit your need and showcase your skillsets. If you are a photographer, you could build a portfolio website wherein you can post all the photographers you took.

9. Work more effectively with your technical team

Your technical team would welcome you if you know a little bit of HTML/CSS. Whether you're starting your own business and hiring someone to build your website, or taking on a new project at the office, it's increasingly likely these days that you'll be talking about the web at work. You'll be able to save a lot of time in the long run if you already have an idea of what's easy to do with code—and what's difficult. You'll be able to give a clear outline of what you want them to build.

10. Become a Web Developer

While HTML and CSS might not seem like enough to make it as a developer, it can definitely be enough to get you started. You could learn more frameworks like Angular, React, Nodejs, etc. by understanding the basic HTML/CSS which would end up in a new career.

Start Learning HTML