Cordova Basics

This tutorial will teach you the how to create your own mobile application using cordova.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Understand hybrid apps
  • Create your own hybrid app
  • Publish your app in Playstore

Cordova Basics

Introduction to mobile applications

Learn about mobile apps, types of apps and hybrid apps.

Introduction to Cordova

Learn how to install Cordova.

Basic Cordova App

Learn how to build a basic app using Cordova.

Introduction to Android Studio

Learn how to install Android Studio and integrate with Cordova.

Project: Create your own mobile app

Learn to combine the skills you learned to build a calculator app.

Publish your app to Playstore

Learn how to publish your app to Playstore.

Introduction to Ionic

Learn latest frameworks to build User Interface for mobile applications.

Project: Build a small app using Ionic

Learn to combine the skills you learned to build an application using Cordova and Ionic.